Friday 1 March 2013

Rejection of perfection and good enough parenting - get reading Mums Like Us

My children are getting my most basic, value range, own brand level of care at the moment. Why? Because I’m reading a brilliant new book - Mum’s Like Us - by Laura Kemp, and its getting most of my attention.

I can honestly say it is an absolute must read for any mother who has ever hidden the Mister Maker magazine down the sofa to avoid doing crafts. Warm and witty, its like she’s peered inside my head and describes exactly how it feels to be a mum. Truthfully.

How to describe it? It’s a support group in a book. It’s the Slummys vs the Yummys - the book is aimed at the struggle-to-juggle Bridget Jones generation who had a life of their own then went into shock when they had kids with Mr Right You’ll Do.

But it’s probably best to get a flavour with the words of its heroine, Stella Smith:

Attention, all lardies!

Are you sick to death of mumupmanship at the school gates?

Have you had your fill of Mother Superiors who lose their baby weight in six weeks while you’re still carrying yours years later?

Do you crave the company of like-minded mums who will admit motherhood smells not of roses but of dirty nappies?

Well, look no further than the Mums Like Us Club, a weekly group where knackered mums can let rip about kids, husbands and work.

So join our rejection of perfection, and fight for ‘good enough’ parenting. And drink. And lots of cake.

Look forward to seeing you!

Stella Smith
Mums Like Us Club Chairwoman

Mums Like Us is out now, published by Arrow in paperback original priced £6.99

I’m chuffed to bits to tell you that Laura will be popping by on the blog next Thursday – March 7 – with her Top 10 Tips for keeping sane as a mum.

Laura Kemp


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