Wednesday 6 March 2013

Author Laura Kemp's top 10 tips for keeping sane as a mum....

Book Club Mum is delighted to welcome Mums Like Us author Laura Kemp to the blog. Here, she shares some sage advice on surviving motherhood:

10. Secret Chocolate
One of the most important weapons in your sanity-saving tool kit is getting one over your kids. They think they’re in charge. And most of the time they probably are. But there is nothing quite like telling them ‘no, sorry, there’s no chocolate’ and then once they’ve gone to bed, retrieving your Galaxy from underneath their most hated vegetable in the fridge where they’ll never look and savouring every mouthful alone.

9. Wine
Not too much. Just a couple* to help you relax and take the edge of things. (*bottles)

8. Sleep
Get as much as you can whenever you can. It’s the same attitude you had about sex before you had kids. The little ones won’t mind putting the rubbish out for you and locking up once they’ve fed the cat and turned off all the plugs.

7. Work
If you haven’t got a job that involves leaving the children, then make one up. Preferably one that involves top-level meetings which coincide with their bedtime so you get out of it.

6. Maintaining Standards
Once you’ve implemented a rule, stick to it so they know you’re not a walkover. I recommend ignoring them unless someone is crying.

5. Keeping Active
Them. Not you. After-school marathon running or weekend hiking courses. Wear them out.

4. Technology
You don’t want them to be behind, do you? So make information technology a high priority by sticking the telly on, handing over the iPad and permitting three-hours of DS time as soon as they come in from school.

3. Answering Every Question With The Phrase “It’s under my left armpit”
They’ll soon get the hang of not asking you anything so you can get on with reading that magazine.

2. Achieving Zen Through Ear Plugs
Simply whack ‘em in and bingo, you’re in nirvana.

1. Daddy Time
Ah, yes, the importance of father-child bonding can never be underestimated. According to experts I’ve just made up, this is best achieved on a Saturday and Sunday morning with your bedroom door shut.

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  1. Yes number 1 is a favourite of mine!!

  2. Love this! When I stopped breastfeeding, I insisted that my husband take over bedtime in order to bond further with the toddler. One year on and he's still doing it. Result!

  3. That is a genius idea. Will definitely give it a go!

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