Tuesday 26 March 2013

Healthy Chocolate: Three worthy ways to use your Easter eggs....

Truly scrumptious: chocolate flapjack
Strictly speaking, I don’t suppose a nutritionist would agree that the three chocolate recipes I’m about to share are actually health foods. However, I’m going to build my argument like the very best hot-shot barrister I know - AKA my son in the toy bit of Asda - as to why I think they are at least a worthy way of using up your Easter chocolate....

Sunday 24 March 2013

Guest post by author Janey Fraser - plus chance to win a copy of her new book, Happy Families

I'm delighted to welcome Janey Fraser, author of The Playgroup and The Au Pair, as she stops by on the blog tour for her new novel, Happy Families. Here, she asks: Am I the only one who embarrasses my kids? 
Happy Families is out on Thursday. There are three copies up for grabs, simply post a comment for a chance to win.* 

I don’t mean to do it – well, not all the time – but I do seem to have an unhappy knack for putting my foot in it. Take the other day when one of my children did something which made me so cross that I gave her a sound telling off. In front of half a dozen of her (gob-smacked) friends.

So what happened? Instead of apologising to me for doing what she shouldn’t have, my offspring turned the tables and told me off instead. ‘What will my friends think ?’ she demanded. ‘You’re so embarrassing!’

Oh but I can do better. There was the time I drove one of them to school, still in my dressing gown because, despite getting up at 6am, I’d run out of time to get dressed. Unfortunately, one of the teachers at school came up for a word…... My son, squirming in the front seat, has never let me forget that one.


Thursday 21 March 2013

Happy Families blog tour is popping in soon....

Author Janey Fraser will be visiting the blog on Monday with a very funny post: Am I the only one who embarrasses my kids? I'm guessing no. There'll also be a parenting questionnaire and three copies of the book up for grabs so remember to come along and have a read.... 

Big brother is watching you

Latest column - the one where we get the new baby. Page 6

Saturday 16 March 2013

Off-roading - #SatCap

Yesterday we had an unexpected and lovely family day, walking from Sandsend to Whitby on the Yorkshire Coast.
Of course, the walk itself was - well, a walk on the beach compared to the test of resolve that is Operation Getting Out of the Door.
Anyway, I'm pleased to report that our off-roader buggy did pretty well on the trek - despite what it might look like!*

*No babies were harmed in the making of this photograph

Wednesday 13 March 2013

Why I’m Miserables.....

Guess what? They’ve made a film of Les Miserables! With Hollywood stars and everything!

Yes, excuse me if I’m not quite up to speed at the moment, I had a baby three months ago – enough said. However, recently I saw my chance to get back with the programme and take my little one along to a parent-and-baby screening.

Gosh I was excited. This is something I’d always liked the sound of, and meant to do with my first baby four years ago. But finally, me and another friend with a recently delivered bundle of joy had sussed the date and time, made sure our older ones were in extended childcare and were even planning to go for a late lunch afterwards – well it was the week of my birthday.

Monday 11 March 2013

WIN: Orchard Toys Rhyme Robber game

I’m afraid imaginative play is really not my strong point as a parent. One sentence that can bring me out in a cold sweat is: “Mummy, let’s play the caravan game”. This involves, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, playing out going on a caravanning holiday. Packing, travelling, unpacking, cooking, eating, sleeping – that bit never lasts long enough.

I’m either surreptitiously reading Twitter on my phone or I suggest that my little boy gets started with the packing and I’ll join in once I’ve – erm – yes – well.....

Which is why I'm so grateful for Orchard Toys, which have been a vital string to my bow as a parent.

Friday 8 March 2013

Meeting Ronnie - #SatCap

When I ask my son what he did at school he rarely enlightens me very much on the day's activities, but recently he said: "A rhino came to see us".

Visions of the school's tortoises completely put in the shade by more exotic wildlife were soon dispelled when he added: "He was wearing a rugby shirt."
Aha.....it was the Leeds Rhinos Rugby League team's mascot, Ronnie.

A funny conversation ensued during which I failed to convince him that there wasn't an entire team of players in big fluffy grey costumes. Anyway, he saw for himself last night when his daddy took him to Headingley Stadium to watch a match. Here he is on the right, catching up with Ronnie...........

Wednesday 6 March 2013

Author Laura Kemp's top 10 tips for keeping sane as a mum....

Book Club Mum is delighted to welcome Mums Like Us author Laura Kemp to the blog. Here, she shares some sage advice on surviving motherhood:

10. Secret Chocolate
One of the most important weapons in your sanity-saving tool kit is getting one over your kids. They think they’re in charge. And most of the time they probably are. But there is nothing quite like telling them ‘no, sorry, there’s no chocolate’ and then once they’ve gone to bed, retrieving your Galaxy from underneath their most hated vegetable in the fridge where they’ll never look and savouring every mouthful alone.

9. Wine
Not too much. Just a couple* to help you relax and take the edge of things. (*bottles)

Tuesday 5 March 2013

The birthday present

Yesterday was my birthday and I got this new baby change bag from my family. It's exactly what I asked for and wanted. Lovely for spring, don't you think?

Someone said: "That's not really a present for you though, is it?"

But I love it. Because I am loving being a mummy again, and I know how lucky I am.

However, it does occur to me that this may have been more appropriate....

Friday 1 March 2013

The Mum's Like Us blog tour is heading this way....

Yes, Book Club Mum is proud to be part of author Laura Kemp's trip round blog land to promote her smashing new novel Mums Like Us. Here are the full details of the tour:

Rejection of perfection and good enough parenting - get reading Mums Like Us

My children are getting my most basic, value range, own brand level of care at the moment. Why? Because I’m reading a brilliant new book - Mum’s Like Us - by Laura Kemp, and its getting most of my attention.

I can honestly say it is an absolute must read for any mother who has ever hidden the Mister Maker magazine down the sofa to avoid doing crafts. Warm and witty, its like she’s peered inside my head and describes exactly how it feels to be a mum. Truthfully.

How to describe it? It’s a support group in a book. It’s the Slummys vs the Yummys - the book is aimed at the struggle-to-juggle Bridget Jones generation who had a life of their own then went into shock when they had kids with Mr Right You’ll Do.

But it’s probably best to get a flavour with the words of its heroine, Stella Smith: