How it works

I am lucky enough to be part of a fantastic book club - That's Not My Book Club. Founder member Dr C invited her NCT and Post Natal groups on board and we have now been meeting for nearly three years, broadening each others’ horizons in terms of reading material and putting the world to rights from the comfort of various sofas of North Leeds.
Book club is not just about the books. In fact, most of the time it is not about the book at all. It’s about getting the chance to meet up with fab friends, without children, and talk. And we talk incessantly, never ever running out of things to say, hence this blog is a kind of overflow of that.....most of the posts are simply thoughts and anecdotes about life.
But I will signpost what we’re reading for book club, then summarise our discussion on the blog, so that any followers can join in with comments and effectively be on-line members.
I will also review other books as I read them, and ask other people for their reviews. I’m always asking other book-clubbers for recommendations and am both a borrower and a lender of many a book, so I hope this will also provide an on-line tool for those searching out their next good book.
NB I have recently been invited to another book club with some friends in York so the Kindle will be on turbo-charge as I try and keep up with all that reading in the name of Book Club Mum!