Thursday 2 February 2012

Watch this space

I was afforded the perfect opportunity to spend the afternoon at home, with my feet up, watching several episodes of a TV series this week.

Wait a minute, what opportunity was that? I hear you ask. Well, I was taken to a clinic, sedated, and given a gynaecological procedure. As the nurse removed the drip, she fixed me with a stern gaze and said: “No driving, no cooking, no ironing and no cleaning for the rest of the day.” I replied: “No problem!” and was sped home by my husband, safe in the knowledge that our Darling Little Boy was spending the rest of the afternoon being dined and entertained by his uncle and aunt.  

So, there I was, relaxing in my favourite cardigan, on our very comfy new sofa, gripped by the quality Danish viewing that is Borgen. But it felt odd. Not because I live oh-such-a-busy-life and never get chance to watch television. No, it’s because a strange thing has happened to me. I have lost the knack of TV.
Now, don’t get me wrong, there’s no posturing going on here. My little boy gets more than a good quota of it per week and I can recite The Smurfs backwards.
And as I was growing up, I loved television. From Rentaghost  through to My So Called Life and Sex and the City, there’s always been a defining programme.
I’m not trying to pull the “I really don’t watch television” look. In fact, I think these days quality TV is where it’s at. Excited conversations between people whose opinions I am really interested spring up about the latest show and I feel horribly left out – hence Borgen on IPlayer.
But the idea of sitting down to watch a programme for an hour just doesn’t draw me in anymore. I find my mind wandering, I check my phone, browse on line or do the ironing. In fact, I am suspicious that the only reason I got through so many well-crafted episodes of the Danish drama (why can’t we have her as PM?) is because a) I was mildly incapacitated and b) the sub-titles meant I had to give it my full attention.
In truth, my escapism of choice now is reading, and here’s my theory as to why. I am definitely not a control freak. I think there’s only room for one in a relationship and it’s not yours truly. I am so laid back I’m horizontal about most things, but I think when you have children certain shifts take place in your personality, even if they are imperceptible to the naked eye. Now, the one area I do like to have control of is where my attention gets directed. To be forced and sit and view for an hour doesn’t work for me anymore.....but to pick up a book as and when I chose, well, it just does.


  1. Hello! Just read your email and came on over to show your blog some love! I have totally changed my TV habits too, but diff. with me is that I will only really watch stuff on iPlayer or box sets, as I can't justify mindlessly staring at the TV more, there is too much else to do. I am loving Borgen, almost as much as The Killing!

    Oh and on the traffic / blog love front:
    Twitter is a great way to get involved in the blogging community. I am @motherwifeme , follow me and I will follow you back - start entering your posts into their weekly showcases
    Start joining parenting blogging networks like NetMums, MumsNet and BritMums.
    Tots100 is a great start too.

    Good luck and stay in touch, MWM x

  2. Hi Mother Wife Me, thanks for the great advice....I will follow you on Twitter forthwith! I have been dabbling,still finding my voice I think.
    Yes, re TV, there are many versions of reality aren't there?! and although this post was written in good faith, I must admit I do use IPlayer a fair amount so must me watching SOME television now I come to think of it!