Sunday 26 February 2012


It’s a funny old thing, writing about stuff. It’s a way of trying to order and record things, and perhaps that is why I find myself being drawn to lists. And in the blogging world, I have discovered that this is not unusual. Over at Kate Takes 5, there’s a whole world of amazing lists, and I have decided to join in her listography on the top five things that make me happy.

I find I have gone for the big stuff, rather than ‘bright sunshine on a cold day’ or ‘carrot cake’. Intense or unimaginative? I make no apologies. Here they are in no particular order:

1. My little boy. The smell of his hair and the heavy weight of him falling asleep on me. And every word he says. Even “I’m ready for you to wipe my bottom” and “Daddy is my favourite”.

2. My home. All the things we’ve chosen and inherited and love and loathe, all the little systems. Tidying it, (!) loving it, feeling the love back.

3. Being married. All that stuff I said in the white dress still holds true.

4. Friends. Spending the whole afternoon together, letting the kids go Lord of the Flies and menace the soft furnishings in the other room, because we just have to carry on speaking and listening and saying one more thing....

5. Books. There are four things better than a good book (see above). But just four.


  1. What a great list (especially as I view myself as playing a teeny part in number 4!!!!). Not sure if I can even begin to express myself as well as you do so I'll just say ditto and add a number 6;
    6. Mug of tea. The first mug of tea in the morning especially when its brought to you in bed.

  2. Ah...thank you :) yes number 4 very familiar?! You are so right about a cup of tea. Definitely my number 6 too xx

  3. Sorry it took me so long to get here. What a wonderful list! You certainly tackled the big ones :) One question though - Why is Daddy always the favourite?

  4. I know!!!! Very unfair. I really enjoyed writing this and looking at the other listography :)