Friday 8 November 2013

Solving the sock issue with Funky Giraffe

Snugly: Benjamin
“Excuse me; did you know your baby’s lost a sock?” This is the constant, well meaning inquiry of strangers and the answer is always a resounding: "Yes". Yes I know it’s fallen off, of course it has. Socks are incapable of remaining on babies' feet for more than five minutes. And I'm too slovenly a mother to spend my life reapplying them.

I remember this problem with my first baby. I tried little sock harness things (got lost once worn) pram shoes (fiddly and annoying to get on) - in the end I think I just made sure his feet were covered with a blanket. But second time around, I resolved to tackle the problem afresh and research what solutions are out there on the market.

And what I have found are these moccasins. I cannot recommend them enough. They have changed our lives. Basically like a slipper sock in design, they are an all-in-one sock and suede-soled soft shoe. They are easy enough to get on, they generally stay on, they seem comfortable and are perfect for keeping their feet and lower legs warm and allowing them to cruise around on their feet as safely as possible.

Funky Giraffe have a gorgeous range of designs at a really affordable, competitive price. They sent me these with the lovely anchor design (I’m a sucker for all things nautical), and there are plenty – stars, spots, strawberries, rockets, penguins - and much more on their website.

Along with the moccasins, they sent me a lovely matching bib, which is the company’s signature product.

Now, as you may have gathered, I am a rather – ahem - laissez-faire kind of a mother, and I’m afraid I just don’t bother with bibs. I let my baby eat and then change his clothes if necessary once I've hosed him down. One of the main reasons for this is that he simply can’t abide wearing a conventional bib. Or at least I presume he can’t, since he rips them off as soon as I’ve fastened them.

Funky Giraffe bib and matching moccasins
These bibs are different, however. For a start, they are lovely. They look really nice – not even like bibs at all, rather tasteful baby accessories. In practical terms, they fasten with two poppers at the back. My baby didn’t attempt to pull it off, but he probably would have been unsuccessful if he had. This could be because the bib is a lot more comfortable than the usual type. They are incredible soft, made with lovely quality squidgy cotton, and their thickness and absorbency is also a bonus in keeping their torsos and necks clean and dry. Again, there are lots of lovely designs on the website. Do check it out at

Note: I was sent these products free of charge by Funky Giraffe to test and review. All views are my own, completely honest and unbiased.

Happy Ben bunny

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