Thursday 12 September 2013

GUEST BOOK REVIEW: The Conspiracy Kid (E P Rose)

I’m delighted to present this review by Anna, a Grande Dame (but young)! of book club. An avid reader, she’s always great for a book recommendation, so I was very interested to read her verdict on this latest offering from the author of Beyond the Valley of Sex and Shopping.....

The Conspiracy Kid is a great read. I loved the witty and fast-paced prose; it was a real treat to pick up each night and was written so fluidly that I finished it in no time.

It follows the many eccentric but loveable characters who become part of the conspiracy kid fan club, where enrolment is automatic on the reading of a poem crafted by Edwin Mars.

Mars is a central character and for me could have been Adrian Mole’s cooler and more successful twin brother.

The plot surrounding Edwin involves family members, friends, lovers and werewolves to name but a few - and at first seems complicated. At the heart of it, though, is a simple story of loss and love, cleverly written in a tangled plot full of different personalities.

Although light and fresh this book is not irreverent, quite the opposite in fact. Each character has suffered loss in their lives and each person deals with it in very different ways. This book tapped into my sense of humour - often quite black – perfectly, and I would recommend it to any book lover.

Thank you Anna!


  1. Beautifully written Grand Dame!

  2. I loved this book too. I agree it's well worth a read. Thank you for featuring it here.