Wednesday 6 February 2013

Anyone for tennis?

Fancy a cuppa and a flick through Families Leeds magazine?

I always feel like a character in a favourite Victoria Wood sketch of mine, trying to sell an old stair lift. "They really are fun, even if you're not a wheelchair user". BUT, even if you don't live in Leeds, or have little people snapping at your heels, I must say it's a good read.

Among the many interesting articles, I'm loving The Boo Diaries by Bev Moore (page 26). You'll find yours truly, imperfect mum on page 6, recounting a family trip to Tennis Tots, plus an article by me on preparing a child for the arrival of a sibling on page 25 - interesting to look back on now that our second child is now nine weeks old!

There's also a really great New Year message from the editor, which made me cry. So go on, get that kettle on.....

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