Friday 15 February 2013

A bit of Twitter magic

Isn’t Twitter great?

I didn’t always think so. I got that niggly ‘newfangled’ feeling about it. Then of course, I got addicted.

Before I did, though, I remember a news editor telling me about a pretty magical Twitter moment by means of encouragement.

A real ale devotee, he got on a train to his native Scotland, opened a bottle of speciality brewed beer to try, and tweeted about it. Moments later, the brewer, based in Canada, tweeted him to inquire how he was finding it.

Well, I’ve had couple of pretty special Twitter moments myself recently – granted they say a lot about my life and where it’s at.

I idly tweeted one morning that the CBeebies programme Woolley and Tig had been a real hit with my four-year-old. Simone McCredie, real-life mum of both Tigs – the younger one who appears in the programme and the older, who narrates it - tweeted me!

Talk about kudos with the four-year-old. Mummy cool.

A few days later, he drew this picture of Woolley, the spider in the programme, which I duly tweeted to Tig’s mum.

She sent this picture back:


The second was one evening, sitting breastfeeding my new born baby, I saw a tweet by Woman's Hour presenter Jane Garvey about the first days of motherhood, which was to be a discussion point in the next day's programme.

“Never sit down to breastfeed without the TV remote within reach,” it said. I replied: “Beside me now: Two TV remotes, iPhone, iPad, Kindle. There’s never been a better time to breastfeed.” Jane replied and retweeted me! On the programme the next day she said: "I think I made some lifelong friends on Twitter last night”. She meant me, right?

What are your magical Twitter moments?


  1. It is fun, at the start I was slightly addicted to it, but the shine has gone of it a bit now. I don't think I've had any really famous tweets, I probably need to follow more famous people!

  2. Hmm, I go through phases - feel slightly anxious if I haven't read my timeline for ages :)

  3. That's brilliant about the tweets from Tig's mum! I love Twitter too and probably spend far too much time on it. I find it's great for work though.

  4. I know! Love Tig's Mum, aka @muppetmcredie :)
    Also, I saw a psychologist being interviewed, said far from being bad for our conversation and communication skills things like Twitter were improving them....