Friday 3 May 2013

From the sick badge to Looks of Envy.....

Look at this jewellery. Gorgeous, isn't it?

In terms of accessories, I’ve been wearing the same brooch for the last few months. I say brooch, it’s really more of a badge. A badge of honour for parents of babies with reflux.

It’s so versatile – I’ve worn it with absolutely everything since Ben was born. Though I find it really sets off a manky old fleece particularly well.
Here's a picture:

Anyway, the reflux, I’m glad to report, has finally settled down, thanks to some medication and early weaning onto purees from 17 weeks (special dispensation from the health visitor, you understand!).

And I think it’s time from me to emerge from my why-bother-it’s-just-going-to-get-sicked-on attitude to appearance and make a bit of an effort. And that’s where the nice jewellery at the top of the page comes in. Here are a few more examples....

They’re by a company called Looks of Envy, recently set up by busy mum of one Sandra Cull. She offers statement jewellery combinations that can be bought individually or as complete looks.

When she worked in the corporate world and as a full time mum, she found sourcing complimentary accessories for an outfit really difficult and time consuming. "There's no time to traipse around shops and when you look online the pictures are often tiny," she said. 

She decided there must be a gap in the market for affordable statement jewellery and asked her NCT group, who agreed and eventually became the models for her website. "They're wearing white tops and jeans, which I think most people will have in their wardrobe," said Sandra. "I hope that shows that you don't need expensive elaborate clothes to get the look. Statement jewellery is a perfect way to transform your wardrobe - particularly if you are not wanting to make a huge investment.” 

Absolutely. Having just become a mum for the second time myself,  I know it’s easy to get bored of  your bland maternity and nursing wardrobe, but not want to spend a lot on new clothes because body is still changing shape – hopefully! 
“A couple of signature pieces can make you feel like you are making an effort, transforms your outfit and makes you feel gorgeous again,” said Sandra.
She’s offered a £10 gift voucher to one lucky winner. To enter, visit her site here: and tell me which is your favourite ‘look’ as a comment below. For an extra entry, like my Facebook page. All entries need to be posted by May 31, 2013, open to UK residents only.
 Good luck!

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