Monday 5 November 2012

WIN: A pair of Clean Heels

Being a mum has changed me – physically, mentally, socially. To name but a few of these changes:

• I can no longer live without wet-wipes.
• My attention is always piqued by the sight of a digger.
• I receive my own body weight in Boden catalogues each year.

Among the many tell-tale signs that I have a child, perhaps, are the heels of my shoes, or to be more specific, the height of them.

I was never very good at high heels, to be fair. But before I had my darling little boy I wore them a lot more than I do now.

These days, high-heeled shoes are only called upon for the big occasions – weddings, a day at the races maybe, big birthday bashes.

Not only am I out of practice wearing them, but these occasions often come with their own stiletto conundrums. Champagne on the lawn, beautifully lain wooden flooring – you can get that sinking feeling or find yourself on the skids. Add one unit of alcohol to the equation – all it takes to make me squiffy these days – and it’s Bambi on ice.

So, ever the mummy, ever the practical solution welcomed. Which is why I cannot believe I haven’t owned a pair of Clean Heels sooner. They’re stoppers that fit to high heels to give a more balanced base, preventing them from sinking into soft ground, falling into cracks or scratching wooden floors.

They do double duty by protecting your most cherished footwear from dirt and wet weather, and at the same time helping to stabilise your tottering self.

I have five to giveaway. To win a pair, leave a comment below before the end of November, after which the winners will be chosen at random.

To find out more about Clean Heels, or to buy a pair, visit:

Open to UK residents only – sorry!


  1. I know someone who'd love a pair of these!

  2. Tottering across a wooden floor of a posh restaurant in Islington not so long ago I went flying so I think my family would be pleased if I had a pair of them, if only to save their embarrassment :))

  3. Last time I had to wear heal protectors to protect some wooden floor at a wedding I took them off and used them as false nipples......I am now a responsible, sober mum of two until saturday night of course. What a disgrace!