Friday 16 March 2012

Don't forget the kitchen sink.....

I don’t know about you, but getting ready to go to nursery is my favourite part of the week. So stress and tension free. Never a cross word about getting dressed. Always a healthy hearty breakfast consumed with a smile. And out the door with plenty of time to spare we skip.

Nah. Me neither. But recently, there’s been an interesting development on the hell-that-is-Tuesday-and-Friday-mornings front. My darling little boy has developed a liking for taking things with him to nursery. I think the first ever thing he took was a toy. And it got taken up as an objet d’art in Show and Tell.

And so now he has the bug. Each morning before we set off he casts around for something new to take.

And it’s not just one thing anymore. It’s like the generation game, complete with cuddly toy.

I don’t know if I should be encouraging this, or if it is strictly speaking, allowed.

But I actually share his sense of surreal elation at taking the swag bag to the pre-school room.

Last time we arrived at the door with a carrier bulging with:

* Buzz Lightyear toy

* Photograph of a digger

* Swimming certificate

* Dominoes

We did get a titter from the carer who met us at the door, but she didn’t appear to disapprove.

It reminds me, a little, of my friend whose twins insist on wearing fancy dress to nursery. And I like this. There will be plenty of time for uniforms and name tags and rules and regulations when they go to school.

And, while there’s an argument for getting them ready for that, and for that matter being a sensible and perfect parent, I totally embrace wacky anything goes-ness at nursery. It goes back to the whole mantra: If he’s happy, I’m happy. And if we’re getting into a routine of going off into the big wide world with a smile instead of a frown, then surely that’s the best preparation for school there can be.


  1. My little girl does this too! And now that she has a book bag for pre-school she wants to stuff it full of random belongings everyday! Mind you she sees what I lug in my handbag so fair enough I suppose!

  2. Aha! Yes I had wondered if there was an element of learned behaviour in it all!! Cx

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  4. Oh my gosh, we can't leave the house without Igglepiggle and Ben Elf. I just about persuade him to leave Ben Elf in the buggy but Piggle attends nursery too :-) My husband forgot Igglepiggle last night when he picked him up so I made a mad dash back to the nursery just before it closed or else none of us would have got a wink of sleep! The nursery do not seem to disapprove though - I see a lot of young 'uns bring their own toys in. I think it is sweet and obviously makes them feel more comfortable :-)

    1. Absolutely, I agree....whatever makes them feel as secure and happy as possible. sorry it's taken me so long to reply! Cx

  5. All week we have had to take all 4 teletubbies in and Littlest HAS to hold them all. No help required. I just grin sheepishly.....

    Great post

  6. Ah, sweet. I can just imagine that. Thanks for commenting and sorry it's taken so long to reply! Cx